NAGB hails US $2.5bn food aid to Nigeria

ABUJA- THE Nigeria Agribusiness Group, NABG, yesterday, hailed the United States Government over $2.5 billion food aid to Nigeria and other African countries in order to cope with high food prices and rising hunger in the continent occasioned by various factors.

Speaking with Vanguard, the Director General, NABG, Dr Manzo Maigari, said the aid is timely and acceptable as far as it will tackle the current food crisis in experienced in Africa.

Maigari described the aid from the US government as good news, said this support is needed by Africa without any suspicion.

It will be recalled last week Thursday, the United States President, Joe Biden, during a three-day a three-day Africa summit in Washington, announced another $2.5 billion in food assistance to Africa to cope with rising prices that have increased hunger across the continent.

The United States has already provided $11 billion in food assistance for the continent this year

He said: “It is good news because Africa suffered devastating effects of climate change, and needs support at this time.

“Food aid will not sustain Africa but partnerships that enable the flow of foreign direct investment, innovation and technology transfer.

“NABG welcomes the gesture but requests that the US do more than just dole outs. They have done that which they could.”

However, he pointed that Africa would not be a slave to the US with the aid given to them, “It is merely a palliative that will offer only temporary relief. The food needs of the horn of Africa alone surpass that. Africa is to make friends.

“Far from it, the weak leadership and external interference will not let Africa be free. The gesture is normal in diplomacy. Every nation wants to expand its sphere of influence.”